Innovation mill

A tool to collecting suggestions and ideas


Personnel staff has many ideas and thoughts that are useful improving sales, customer quality and productivity. The innovation mill works as a suggestion channel. It also works in organization development and product development area. It helps to make suggestions concrete and it creates practices that give added value.



The innovation mill is easy to use and it helps to make suggestions and collecting ideas. It also helps to make implementations in practise. Each group has an own idea bank which also follows actions’ fulfilments. Fulfilled actions constitute practices that include the practise idea. These practices can be shared to common practices. (Organization’s inner wiki)

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It is important to be able to take ideas into action when organization is developed. This tool helps to collect and handle the suggestions easily and quickly. The tool makes processes more systematic and helps to get things done more easily. The innovation mill includes an electric suggestion system and a manual of good practices which organization will be able to use immediately.

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The innovation mill

  • The suggestion channel
  • The idea bank
  • Product suggestions
  • Service suggestions
  • Process suggestions
  • Discussion forum
  • Working community development
  • Best Value Practices
  • Best Practices library
  • Inner wiki library
  • Innovation's operations management
  • Automatic activating and follow up
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