The introductions of the innovation mill

The innovation mill represents the new software generation which is easy and fast to introduction. The innovation mill tool works with the web browser and with the help of ASP-technology. A customer will have an own user account that is usable with personal access code and password. The tool is easy to attach into organization’s intranet. Organization’s key persons will be coached to use the innovation mill and they will be able to answer other’s (co-workers, employees’) questions. Mcompetence’s specialists give also support for users always when needed.

The innovation mill can be introduced as a part of the personnel’s development process. The development processes improve the personnel productivity and it proceeds as follows:

  1. The important capabilities of organization are planned and arranged
  2. The development needs of capabilities are measured (tacit signals)
  3. The strategic analysis and the strategy/action plan
    1. The results of development measurement are written down to the innovation  mill
    2. The scorecards of development processes are written down
    3. The management and key persons are coached to use the innovation mill
  4. Idealising and planning the development implementations in groups
    1. the innovation mill will be taken in action in groups
    2. the ideas are written down to the idea bank of innovation mill and planned actions are written down to the realizable actions
  5. The implementation and supporting of actions
    1. personnel developers and leaders follow the actions that are planned with the help of the innovation mill
    2. every employee can update the own group’s development diary and give suggestions to common suggestion channel

The innovation mill is a tool that eases and speeds up executing the ideas into best practices. At the same time the tool helps an organization to share the practices that improve productivity. Taking this tool in action is easy and it is part of the natural development process of capabilities.


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