Innovation mill in action

The innovation mill is planned to help an organization to create new ideas and actions. The innovation mill has a suggestion channel and it includes an own mill for every group to collecting ideas. Innovation mill’s solutions include processes that prevent organization’s personnel productivity. This way personnel’s ideas and opinions about the development needs will be heard. That will also help decision making. You can also put a virtual group e.g. project team to the innovation mill and it will prevent the innovation process with this tool.

The innovation mill has an automatic follow up and activating guide of innovation actions which will help an organization to manage and activate important innovation work. Innovations can be better work methods, solutions or product- and service innovations. An idea becomes an innovation not until it will be applied successfully in action.


Wiki includes organization’s best practices and methods. Common best practices are already presented in wiki e.g. development discussion, conference customs, problem solving, equality plan and forms. Everyone in organization should be able to update this inner wiki. The purpose is that the idea bank will develop into an information channel that adapts in organization transformation.


 The idea bank

Every group in organization has an own idea bank and every member in group can write down development ideas and thought. There is an electrical manual function where an idea can be developed before taking it in action. Ideas are presented in order of importance whe the best idea is easy to take in action.

The planned implementations

There is an electric diary that follows up the process as taking ideas into action. This system requires a person of responsibility and a schedule of implementations. Every member of the group can still write down experiences and improve implementations in electric diary. The tool follows the implementations and it takes care of the deadlines, too. The tool will send a reminder to a person of responsibility and to hr-services if things are running late. This way the planned implementations are activated and supported.

Achieved implementations

When an idea is implemented it will be transformed into best practices. A group can also share their own best practices to organization’s inner wiki so that everyone in organization is able to see these ideas. Every group has some own practices that are not suitable for other groups in organization.


A group can attach documents to reports which can be immediately usable for group members. For example group competence measurement reports and log sheet of development ideas can be presented in reports.

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